Can I install carpet over hardwood flooring?

Can I install carpet over hardwood flooring?

Although it may seem like there is no simple answer, there is. Yes, you can install new floors like carpet over existing hardwood floors.

So, you can start shopping for your new carpet whenever you like. Installing carpet over hardwood is a good option, especially since you wouldn't want to get rid of your hardwood forever.

Will my hardwood ever be the same

Yes, you can fully restore your hardwood to its prime after removing the carpet. There is a process to it, though, and it can require a lot of labor.

If you choose the right flooring company, that responsibility may not fall on you. So when you're switching back to hardwood from having carpet, it's a good idea to leave it to professionals.

What if I want to switch back to hardwood

You might also be interested to know that you can switch back to your hardwood flooring when you're done with your carpet. And the process isn't nearly as hard as you might think.

It may take a while when you're finally ready to bring back your hardwood floors. Removing the carpet and returning to your hardwood requires proper cleaning, removing all hardware from your new floors, and removing any leftover stains or glue.

After removal is finished, you can get back to your hardwood floors. After all your hardwood has gone through, it might appreciate a good polish to return to its usual self.

Who to trust with carpet installation

Although laying carpet over hardwood may not be your specialty, it is ours. We aim to give you precisely what is in our name here at Perfect Floors.

We can service many different areas with a flooring store in Rochester Hills and one in South Lyon, MI. In addition, we supply services for Pontiac, Troy, Novi, and Walled Lake, MI.